In 2014, while still in highschool and still shaking dust from the rafters of Mayhem – Copenhagen’s famed underground venue – Communions released their debut EP Cobblestones. The release marked the beginning of a string of releases culminating in 2021's Pure Fabrication.

After the departure of their long-time bandmates Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen, Communions has evolved into a full 5-piece band consisting of Martin Rehof (vocals and guitar), Mads Rehof (bass), Mikkel Skibye (drums), David Schlüter (guitar), and Morten Heide (keys and synthesizer). They are currently working on the production of their next full length record. 

Communions’ early work drew inspiration from the underground scene’s punk cynicism, evidenced by their lofi debut EP which was recorded – with amps blaring – straight onto a USB microphone. Later the band refined their craft of songwriting and production while riding a wave of international attention and festival performances. Their new music – marked by sharp cultural criticism, self reflection, and artistic commentary of a grand scale – takes the signature indie rock from the dark clubs of their youth and merges it with full-fleshed cerebral critique and symbolism, whilst also drawing inspiration from many different sources, such as jazz and hiphop, not distancing themselves from their former sound, but rather evolving it.